FindSounds Palette

UPDATE: The FindSounds Palette program is no longer being sold by Comparisonics Corporation. For a limited time, Comparisonics has provided a free version of FindSounds Palette called "FindSounds Palette Standalone" to existing users.

Here's how the standalone version compares with previous versions of FindSounds Palette:
  • It is provided free of charge. A license key is not required to run the program.
  • It is fully compatible with older versions of FindSounds Palette. The existing MyPalette database will be loaded and saved in the same manner as previous versions.
  • There are no explicit limits on the number of audio files that can be indexed.
  • The "WebPalette" search feature is no longer available.

Click here to download FindSounds Palette Standalone

Installation:  Existing users should back up the FindSounds Palette database file "FSPalette.mdb" before installing. This is normally found in the Installation folder, which by default is "\Program Files (x86)\Comparisonics\FSPalette". NOTE: Uninstalling or reinstalling FindSounds Palette will normally NOT disturb an existing database, but its prudent to be safe!

To install FindSounds Palette, run the executable download and follow the instructions. FindSounds Palette "Standalone" can be installed into the same location as the existing version of Palette.